Shah Faiz Public School, Ghazipur is an outcome of a bold initiative by Late Mrs. Saeeda Faiz to fulfill the desire of her husband Late Shah Abul Faiz, a veteran freedom fighter and well known figure of Ghazipur district. Late Shah Abul Faiz while working for the upliftment of poor, backward and downtrodden realized that social reforms, economic and scientific advancement can not be brought about without imparting education to children who are not only the citizens of tomorrow but also the architects of future India.

Her philanthropic vision in 1985 culminated in the establishment of Shah Faiz Memorial Education Society with a few prominent and dedicated persons as its members.

The main concern of society was to impart quality and based education to all sections of the society. Madam Faiz always wished that the children of her school to be a good and responsible citizen of India. She believed that without moral values the all round development of a child is not possible. She believed in love learn live and stressed over humanity, fraternity and brotherhood. Beside education she wanted that the children of her school should inculcate good habits. Shah Faiz Public School, a citadel of sublime knowledge and noble stands unique on the educational firmament of this region.